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Area Republicans in unfamiliar territory Tuesday night

Posted November 5th, 2008

After eight years of controlling the White House, area Republicans were in unfamiliar territory Tuesday night.

Hub Video by Mike Konz and Kent Lutt

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David K. Martin
November 29th, 2008 at 5:31 pm

The mystery of mysteries is why Nebraska is always so reliably Republican. All around us — SD, Iowa, Kan., Colo., Wyo.– there seem to be healthy two-party systems flourishing. There used to be some fine Nebraska Republicans. George Norris, Dwight Griswold, Val Peterson, and a number of others who were national leaders. They and their type are long gone, alas. In fact, Nebraskans in the last few years always end up on the short stick. When the Democrats ran Washington, we had those great GOP statesmen Hhruska (“lots of mediocre people in the world…don’t they deserve some cnsideration?) and Carl Curtis (the mental midget from Minden, as he was known in Washington). When we finally got some Democrats in (Kerrey and Nelson) wouldn’t you know? the Republicans finally took control. So once again we were in the minority.
I love Nebraska and have always been so proud to call myself a Cornhusker. But, come on… Nebraskans, get with it. The 21st century is here, Barack Obama is our president, even though We all stood by John McCain. Just once, can we be on the winning side, the human side, the people’s side? Thanks for reading,

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