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Seasonal delicacy inspires early hunting

Posted April 22nd, 2010

The spring hunting season has begun. Earlier this week Brendan Ingram and his dad, Kip, hunted along the river, though not for the kind of game you’d expect, for mushrooms.

The morel mushroom grows worldwide and springtime in the U.S. finds hunters out in the woods looking for the delicacy.

Pinching the base of the morel is a way to harvest the fungi and not disrupt the root system, and once picked, if carried in an open mesh bag, the spores will fall through and re-seed the area, for future growth.

The button mushrooms you find in a grocery store are often seen as a filler or garnish by the people who delight in the treat of the wild morel mushroom. Following the hunt, Kip Ingram gave us his quick recipe for breading and frying the morels.

HubVideo by Brad Norton & Steph Gallaway

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